"Not really the type to go to bars etc, but built the picnic tables for the Penny Tap, and got to see the inside of the bar when I delivered them. Very nice place! Lots of room, lots of tables, stage for comedians or a band, bartenders were fast and friendly, and the patio is perfect for a peaceful drink. 5 stars"

GS Kali

"I have been a regular here for years. The staff is amazing, the food is great, and it has a very accepting atmosphere. There have been no fights or big issues that I can remember. It just doesn't happen here! Great place to hang with friends, family, or meet new people!"

Kelsey J.

"Nice environment, good place to relax and have a good time. Local artist friendly"

Michael F.

"From the entrance to the exit...super duper! We chose chips and salsa, fried mushrooms, Quesadillas, fried pickles, and Edamame. All was fantastic and other than LSU taking it to Tex AM....we will be back!"

J Wright

"Nice place to go and good people"

Moto G.